Although our personal stories may not be incredibly unique, they are still evidence of God preparing us for this amazing future that He has for our family. Both Jenette and I were privileged to be raised in Christian homes. My upbringing in a church planter’s home certainly allowed me the privilege to be exposed to life and ministry in Vancouver from the very beginning. Jenette’s strong missions-focused church in Lakewood, Washington, placed a desire for the ministry in her heart at an early age and she surrendered to be a missionary at the age of twelve.

Although we grew up within four hours of each other, it would take both of us moving to Florida in order for us to meet. It was during our freshman year at Pensacola Christian College that we met and started dating. It was also during our first year that I surrendered to God’s call to preach. After our second year, we both followed God’s leading to transfer to West Coast Baptist College. Following graduation in May of 2005, I took a position as Youth Director at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. Jenette and I were then married in December of 2005. The next three years were a wonderful time of growth and maturity. Even though the ministry in Texas was going well, in March of 2008, we followed God’s open door to Vancouver, BC to serve at my home church, Greater Vancouver Baptist Church.

For the last five and half years, we have been involved in leading the youth ministry, church media as well as weekly discipleship. I have personally been blessed with many opportunities to preach and minister in Canada and the United States. During our time in Vancouver, we have been blessed with three sons: Maximus is five years old and enjoying being in kindergarten. Our second son, Myles, just turned two this January. And we were blessed to welcome our third son, Owen on November 14th, 2013.

It has been over the last several years that God has been working in my heart about planting a new church here in Vancouver. After much prayer and counsel, we really feel that now is the time to pursue this call from God. Our city has so many people still in need of the Gospel, and we are excited about the prospect of being a part of God’s plan for our city.

Because of Christ,

Paul & Jenette Conner

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Personal References

Dr. Gordon Conner

Senior Pastor
Greater Vancouver Baptist Church

+1 604 874 7400 |

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Dr. Robert Wall

Senior Pastor
FaithWay Baptist Church

T +1 905 686 0951 | E

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Dr. Paul Chappell

Senior Pastor & President
Lancaster Baptist Church
West Coast Baptist College 

+1 661.946.4663

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Dr. John Goetsch

Vice President
West Coast Baptist College 

T +1 888 694 9222

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